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For most of their married life, Kacey had devoted his energies to the home construction business and commercial real estate, while his wife Kandace a Registered Dental Hygienist. Then they had a baby.


What the Texas couple discovered was that even the most thorough planning cannot prevent serious problems from cropping up. The couples first baby was allergic to dairy and soy proteins, and soy was one of the ingredients in a supplement Kandace was taking during her pregnancy. All are well now but there were many anxious moments.

"I couldn't find a good quality prenatal or postnatal vitamin free of allergens, which I really wanted because of the benefits for my baby," says Kandace. “The other thing they don’t tell you, is that a lack of breast milk production is a huge problem for many newly breastfeeding mothers. This was a huge concern for us, because we wanted to give our precious newborn all the benefits that breastfeeding offered.”


Rather than chalk their misfortune to chance and go along with their lives, the couple hatched a plan to create their own company with a line of mother-baby nutritional supplements that might save other parents from similar problems. Thus Mother's Select was born.

“It’s hard to see the moms and babies hurting because they are allergic, or for some reason they don’t produce enough breast milk” Kacey says, “So we set out to create the highest quality products and formulas we could, products that would work for mothers having similar problems.”


What they produced was a line of supplements for women in the three stages of motherhood: preconception, pregnancy and lactation.

"As a mom you only want the best for your child and for me I was willing to do anything,” says Kandace. “I was frustrated to see a lot of vitamins contain soy ingredients, which is an inexpensive filler and more than 90% of soy products are GMO. I was also frustrated that there were ingredients shown in the past to safely boost breast milk production, but nobody out there were making formulas with the correct dosages and ingredient profiles, to really help in breast milk production." 

After consulting with more than 30 labs, formulators and manufacturers, the couple hit on multiple formulas that both subscribe to National Science Foundation’s “good manufacturing practice” guidelines, and was finally up to their top tier standards.

“We started from a parent prospective,” Kacey says, “Many people start from the formula stage because it’s cheaper and quicker. We wanted to make this for the baby and mother’s best interest.”

The couple have gone so far as to consider ease-of-ingestion by making the supplements in capsule form rather than solid “horse pills” employed by other companies.


 Kacey says the road to acceptance of their new products was not easy.

“When we first set out to create a better formula to help pregnant and breast-feeding moms, people were skeptical. They told us we were wasting our time and that mothers with low milk flow or allergies would have to use formula," he says. “To be honest, we had some doubts as well but after fighting to get our product launched and into homes, we are again believers.”


Watch This Short Video On The Mother's Select Story