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162 reviews
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The ingredients in the proprietary formula of Mother's Select Nursing & Lactation Plus have been shown to promote Rapid Natural Milk Production. Don't wait any longer for your milk to come in. You need a jumpstart today!

164 reviews
$ 27.90 $ 69.99

With Mother's Select 100% Natural Organic Goat's Rue, you can drastically increase your breast milk production, for a happy, healthy Baby!

111 reviews
$ 16.90 $ 49.99

The Mother's Select Organic Fenugreek is formulated specifically for rapidly increasing breast milk supply, for breastfeeding and lactating mothers, the safest way possible.

64 reviews
$ 24.90 $ 38.99

Our Post Natal Plus is formulated with essential vitamins and minerals including high levels of vitamin D, Thiamin, vitamin B6, and much more to support health and guard against deficiencies.

78 reviews
$ 14.90 $ 39.99

Prenatal Multi + DHA is comprised of over 15 ingredients that have been shown to Promote Healthy Pregnancy & Fetal Development. The Omega 3 Fatty DHA (Docosahexaenoic Acid) helps in the development of fetal brain and eye functions.

17 reviews
$ 14.90 $ 38.99

Each bottle of our Prenatal Plus provides 90 capsules for a long lasting, 3 month supply in ultra gentle, easily absorbed veggie capsules; perfect for everyday supplementation and quick, non irritating absorption.

6 reviews
$ 14.90 $ 39.99

Our Prenatal DHA has been specially formulated to deliver a strong dose of essential fatty acids, which can be easily passed between mother and baby--for optimal DHA levels during and after pregnancy!

10 reviews
$ 19.90 $ 49.99

The Ayurvedic herb Shatavari has been used by generations of women to help increase breast milk production. Mother's Select Shatavari lactation supplement can help you provide ample breast milk for your baby.

8 reviews
$ 29.90 $ 59.99

Malunggay also known as moringa is a powerful galactagogue (a substance that encourages milk production) for breastfeeding moms. Mother's Select Malunggay is safe and 100% organic!

The general public is starting to notice the difference between high quality supplement lines, and lower quality supplement lines, and for good reason. By using only the highest quality ingredients, not using nasty additives or fillers, and doing are best to help mother's with allergen needs, we have developed one of the highest quality supplement lines in the industry (if not the highest)! Ok, maybe we are biased - but we do believe it to be true nonetheless. 

As mothers ourselves, we know you want only the very, very best for your baby! And that means an honest, reliable, trustworthy company for all of your preconception, pregnancy, and lactation needs! And that is what we strive for at Mother's Select. Our promise to you, is that we will never settle for low quality or inferior ingredients. Period. You deserve only the very best, and you have found it with Mother's Select!